Do you provide placenta services?

You can get a full listing on the largest placenta specialist directory in the world for as little as $1 per month. is the #1 Google Result for “find a placenta specialist”!

Some notes about creating a listing:

  • The images you upload to your profile have to be less than 300KB in size. The correct aspect ratio is 940 × 630. If you need to make your images smaller, you can do that here: or you can edit the aspect ratio here:
  • Truthfulness in advertising is a core value at I have a STRICT content policy. Specialists who make exaggerated claims, use false advertising or fear based marketing are not allowed to have profiles at FPE, especially when it comes to preparation location (ie: “the only way you know you are getting your placenta back is to have it prepared in your home” or “we offer the safest, completely doubt free placenta services by preparing the placenta only in your home”). I check the website of every profile that is created on FPE. The content policy applies to your business website and business blog as well as your profile both now and for as long as you have a profile at If you violate the content policy in your profile (or on your business website or blog), your profile will be deleted and you will be blocked from adding another profile. NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED if your profile is removed for violating our content policy.

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