Looking for a Placenta Specialist?


Find a Specialist

Find the specialist that is right for you! You can search by a radius around your city, preparation location offered, placenta services and more. Be sure to check out our “Questions to Ask” section.

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Preparation Location

Where do you want your placenta prepared: your home kitchen or the specialist’s workspace? Our database allows you to find a placenta specialist the provides service in the location you prefer.Read More

Encapsulation Methods

How do you choose the right preparation method for you? There are several choices to make in having your placenta encapsulated. In this section you can learn about the different methods, their pros and cons.

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Other Placenta Services

There are several other ways to prepare the placenta including tinctures & salves. Some mothers also want a keepsake such as a placenta print or cord keepsake. Read more about these options.Read More