As a mystery shopper, you have to be diligent and sometimes very patient. The good jobs will come! Take the lower paying jobs to get your feet in the door with each company and you will be rewarded. Keep working towards your goal and you will be able to achieve it!

Mystery shopping is a huge industry. Many companies that you frequent every day use the services of mystery shoppers. So, you’ve heard of it and read about it and now you’re wondering how you can become a mystery shopper. The very first step you may wish to take, especially if you are not exactly sure what mystery shopping is would be to read my first article entitled “What is a Mystery Shopper?” This will give you some good information about what this profession is all about.

I did not know Grace Hartigan well, but I do remember discovering her as an undergraduate painting student in 1996. I was shocked to discover a muscular and ballsy Ab-Ex painter who was a WOMAN, holding her own with the macho men of the New York School. I wrote a whole research paper on Grace that year, based mainly on ‘A Painter’s World’ by Robert Mattison. I loved her early collaborations with poets, especially Frank O’Hara, and her thickly painted urban scenes, several of which are owned by the BMA.

That said; what the world wants to know about it. First person in the world is your professor so for now, assumes him to be the world you are writing your project for. He is the one who will reject it, accept it or will ask you to modify. Now you are wondering how you will maintain interest throughout the dissertation writing process for you always hated the topic.

Walk through what shop floor operators do to make your product, or what forklift drivers to do to load your trucks, or what agents do to start a new insurance policy for a customer-whatever your business does. Find the bottlenecks. Walk through revised versions of your business procedures until the new workflow is the way you want it and you know exactly what you want a computer system to do in that workflow.

Tip number five: While you’re writing remember to take notes writing a 5 page essay. These notes can always be added to your paper when you do your final edit.

This literality is what exasperates me when I deal with students who believe that asking for an “evaluation rubric” is one way to get a better grade. These are the students who will say things like: “But I haven’t made a lot of grammatical errors, my essay is properly formatted in the MLA style, and I answered the question. Why did I get a 75?” They are usually indignant when uttering these words and this is when they demand a reckoning with the help of a rubric (here): they want a document that says: “Here are the ingredients for a literary analysis. Fulfill them and you will get a good grade.” They want back-up to prove they’ve done everything right and it’s my fault for not recognizing it.

Consult peers, former professors and advisers, once you are finished writing the dissertation. They can help critique your work and give you feedback.

OK, so this is a cheap shot, but I’m not above cheap shots. The fact is that Linux virtually never falls prey to hackers and viruses and trojan horses, mostly because it’s too inconsequential to choose as a target. That said, its vast superiority in security of this type cannot be discounted; it makes me rest better at night to feel comparatively invisible to worms of any sort. Let the bastards over at Windows headquarters deal with ’em while I take the night off.

If you are planning to do your research then you do need to put in your central idea in to your research paper. Please do include your central idea and your main resource reference into your introduction. This gives your professor a central idea of where you do get your proof from. Just the main source not the secondary sources of your paper. Use online references to make your point about your research but avoid quoting the Wikipedia.

Taming the grading monster is a large task for many teachers in all grade levels! Don’t let this ugly beast take over your personal time on weeknights and weekends. Take your time back and sleep well at night knowing you have your grade book updated and accurate. A few ways I try to accomplish this are by staying current with grading work, having students do some of the grading for me, and using parent volunteers to assist me.

Take a step back from your dissertation, once you feel that it is complete. You should take time away from it and then return to proofread it. This will help give you some perspective.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out. Whether she was in a kind of inarticulate fury for being spoken to in such a matter or just that she had no answer to his accusations, she to this day did not know. Bob turned from her, gunned the engine of the speed boat, and pulled out of the cove.