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Treasured Birth, LLC

About the Placenta Specialist
Placentas Encapsulated: 500
Encapsulating Since: 2004
Placenta Training:
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training or Certification
  • Self Study & Apprenticeship
  • Other
Services Offered:
  • Encapsulation: TCM Method
  • Encapsulation: Raw Foods Method
  • Tincture or Essence
  • Smoothies
  • Cord Keepsake
  • Prints
Preparation Locations Offered:
  • Specialist's Workspace
A Little About My Services:

Licensed Certified Professional Midwife, Doula, Massage Therapist,

Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

We are Your Partners in Care

We delight in creating a spirit of cooperation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. Our goals are to communicate to you the things you need to know to be an active participant in your own healthcare. You will be encouraged to choose the path that is right for you in this journey – you will be heard as the ultimate authority in your own physical and spiritual wellbeing. We will safely facilitate your sense of agency and power in the sacred space and experiences of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. 

Homebirth Midwife Doula Lakeville Minnesota

We Support You with Intentionality

We believe that pregnancy and birth are fundamentally normal, a vulnerable time of great personal growth. We believe that every word, decision, and touch have an impact on outcome; therefore, words that are spoken, and body language are carefully given. In all, I we strive to be thoughtful with language and actions.  We willingly pride ourselves in developing a respectful, trusting partnership with all clients, focusing on bringing comfort and empowerment during a time of change. As you emerge as a healthy and empowered parent, we will strive to hold that special space during prenatal visits and births that is relaxed and positive. 

Homebirth Midwife Doula Lakeville Minnesota


We integrate the best of current research and practices with holistic midwifery wisdom. We have a deep trust in labor and birth, but also bring the clinical education and knowledge and extensive experience, and training that is so important for a healthy pregnancy and a safe homebirth. 

Homebirth Midwife Doula Lakeville Minnesota

It is our sincere conviction that empowering well-person care and pregnancy, labor, and birth experiences have the potential to transform not just the person cared for, nor the baby they birth, but their partner, families, and the larger community going forward into the future.

Let's work together towards making birth safe, caring, kind, and gentle for all.

Contact Info
Area Served: Within 60 minutes drive of Lakeville, Minnesota and surrounding area.
Company: Treasured Birth, LLC
Email Address:
Phone: 952-212-8634