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About the Placenta Specialist
Placentas Encapsulated: 150
Encapsulating Since: 2016
Placenta Training:
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training or Certification
  • Food Handler's Card or Food Service HACCP
  • Self Study & Apprenticeship
Services Offered:
  • Encapsulation: TCM Method
  • Encapsulation: Raw Foods Method
  • Tincture or Essence
  • Cord Keepsake
Preparation Locations Offered:
  • Specialist's Workspace
A Little About My Services:

$200 includes pickup and drop off between Des Moines and Iowa City.

I am also a birth/midwife assistant, student midwife, labor/birth doula.

Contact Info
Area Served: Des Moines to Iowa City.
Company: The Little Dreamer's Den