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Celeste Youngblood

About the Placenta Specialist
Placentas Encapsulated: 150
Encapsulating Since: 2007
Placenta Training:
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training or Certification
  • Self Study & Apprenticeship
Services Offered:
  • Encapsulation: TCM Method
  • Encapsulation: Raw Foods Method
  • Tincture or Essence
  • Salve, Lotion or Body Butter
  • Cord Keepsake
Preparation Locations Offered:
  • Specialist's Workspace
A Little About My Services:

I became convinced of the benefits of placenta encapsulation after encapsulating my own placenta when my sixth baby was born. Since then I have offered this service to women, first in Northern Virginia, and now in North Alabama.

It is my goal to make sure that my clients are fully satisfied with the processing of their placentas. While prior arrangements for encapsulation are preferable and ensure my availability for you, I have no problem taking on surprise encapsulation jobs, and have done many!

I will retrieve your placenta as soon as possible after your birth, during waking hours, either at your home, the hospital/birth center, or at a designated meeting spot if your location exceeds a thirty mile radius from my home. I am willing toexceed the 30 mile radius for an additional travel fee, to be determined based on the location

From the time I retrieve your placenta, the encapsulation process should be complete within 48-72 hours. I can add in tinctures and a salve for an additional fee. I usually hand-deliver capsules back to you, but have used USPS Priority Mail without incident in cases of great distance.

You will receive directions on taking your capsules and if possible, an umbilical cord keepsake. I only use vegan capsules for the placenta.

You can choose between the Traditional Chinese Medicine or raw encapsulation processes. TCM usually goes a little faster, has a more gentle overall effect on the body, and yields fewer capsules. The raw method takes a little longer, has a more potent effect on the body, and yields more capsules. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email, and make sure to check out the website for my business, Mystery Within Birth Services .

Thank you for taking the time to view my listing and congratulations on your new baby!

Contact Info
Area Served: Huntsville, AL and surrounding counties 30 mile radius of Huntsville
Company: Mystery Within Birth Services
Phone: 540-533-8692